SMB Marketing Solutions

We excel in two areas that are critical to the success of your company. First, we are strategic thinkers. Sound strategy means understanding the rules of competitive marketing and knowing when, and how, to implement them. Over the last twenty-five years working as marketing professionals, we’ve learned and mastered those rules. Continue reading

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PR: Telling Your Story

Every business has a story to tell. What’s yours?

Everyone loves a good story. Put together a great plot and a compelling cast of characters and it’s easy to get hooked. We start caring about the characters, we want to know what happens next.

Is your business a page turner? Continue reading

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Employee Communications

Do your employees have confidence in the future of your organization and their role in that future? Do they trust your organization’s leaders, not just their direct managers? Do they know what your company values are — and do they share those values? Are those values being modeled and communicated throughout the company? Are employees expected to bring their very best to their work every day? Has that expectation been made clear to your new hires? Continue reading

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